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When it comes to early childhood education, the playway approach has gained significant recognition for its effectiveness in fostering holistic development in young children. At Gian Tarang Pre School, Balongi, we believe in the power of play as a fundamental tool for learning. In this blog, we will delve into the playway approach and how Gian Tarang Pre School, Balongi integrates it into our curriculum, creating an engaging and enriching educational experience for your child.

  1. Understanding the Playway Approach: The playway approach recognizes that children naturally learn through play. It capitalizes on their innate curiosity, imagination, and desire for exploration. Play is not merely a form of entertainment; it is a vital avenue for children to make sense of the world around them, develop crucial skills, and enhance their cognitive, social, emotional, and physical development.
  2. Active Learning through Play: At Gian Tarang Pre School, Balongi, we embrace the playway approach wholeheartedly. Our classrooms are vibrant and dynamic spaces where children actively engage in hands-on activities, games, and interactive play. Through these experiences, they develop problem-solving abilities, critical thinking skills, creativity, and communication skills, all while having fun.
  3. Stimulating Environment and Materials: We believe that the environment plays a significant role in supporting children's learning. Gian Tarang Pre School, Balongi provides a stimulating environment that is carefully designed to encourage exploration and creativity. We offer a wide range of age-appropriate materials, toys, and resources that spark children's imagination and promote their active participation.
  4. Play-Based Learning Centers: Our playway approach is further enhanced through the use of play-based learning centers. These centers are strategically set up in our classrooms, focusing on various domains of development such as language, math, science, art, and social skills. Children have the freedom to explore these centers independently or in small groups, fostering their curiosity and nurturing their individual interests.
  5. Role of Educators: Our educators at Gian Tarang Pre School, Balongi play a crucial role in facilitating the playway approach. They act as facilitators, observing and guiding children's play experiences, providing support when needed, and extending their learning through meaningful interactions. Our skilled educators understand the importance of play in early childhood development and use it as a tool to unlock your child's potential.
  6. Playway Approach and Skill Development: The playway approach not only promotes academic learning but also supports the development of essential skills. Through play, children enhance their problem-solving abilities, social skills, emotional regulation, motor skills, and language development. They learn to collaborate, negotiate, and express themselves creatively, laying a strong foundation for future academic success.


At Gian Tarang Pre School, Balongi, the playway approach is at the heart of our educational philosophy. We understand the immense benefits of play in early childhood development and utilize it to create a joyful and effective learning environment for your child. With our stimulating environment, play-based learning centers, skilled educators, and focus on skill development, Gian Tarang Pre School, Balongi ensures that your child's early education is filled with fun, exploration, and meaningful growth.


To learn more about Gian Tarang Pre School, Balongi and enroll your child, visit our website at https://giantarangpreschool.com/. You can also reach us directly at +91 7888945643. We are located in Balongi, SAS Nagar Mohali, Punjab - 140301.


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